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The 41st session was recorded between 21.30 and 22.30
on 9th September 2010 at the Masks Theatre in Poznań.

Recorded live as an Free Improvisation Performance by RAL7024.

RAL7024 is:
Robert Broniarz - Prepared Guitar
Robert Gogol - Digital Synthesis, Mixing
Witold Oleszak - Piano Harp, Mastering*

Photographed by Piotr Żydownik
Photodecomposed, webdesigned by 4521
RAL is a color matching system and it is the most popular European
industrial color standard used today. RAL7024 is the number of graphitgrau.

*grey - is not a colour or is the colour composed from all remaining ones
*Mixed and Mastered with
Extra Wide Dynamic Range
- against Loudness Race
Save your Ears. Save the Music